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Designer Paola Navone always has a sharp eye for re-imagining geometric forms to challenge design traditions.  The two variations of the Bollywood table from Casa Milano are no different; each one embodies the unique shapes and edgy styling that characterize Navone’s designs.  The taller of the two is formed from a tapered square pillar, with a wide top for holding a drink.  The lower table has the same principle but a wider base and more open angles create a low table with even more surface area which functions perfectly in front of a sofa alone or grouped to create a modular coffee table.


Bollywood Table by Casa Milano

Mirrored side table


Choose from solid mirror panels that reflect light and render the tables nearly invisible, like a clear prism casting light around the room, or smaller mirrors set individually.  These angled mirror panels zig and zag across the columnar base to add more depth and visual interest, using light to create and enhance the strong geometry of the table.  When used all together, the Bollywood Table by Casa Milano add light to every part of your living room, making the space feel larger and brighter even while you are adding furniture to the space.


accent furniture design

bollywood design table


Thus, the Bollywood tables are a creative solution for small rooms, but they also help maintain the appeal of an open floor plan if you already have a large space to furnish.  Their flexibility to adapt to any design and any space is unparalleled, so they will keep looking great in your home even as you rearrange and redecorate.  You’ll always want the Bollywood tables close at hand, so where will they fit into your living room?