space saving multi gym

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The Origine multigym mirror is a versatile and quite compact piece of fitness equipment, features that those with limited space are sure to appreciate. Above all that Origine is an extraordinary piece of home decor designed by Alessandro Andreucci & Christian Hoisl for Italian furniture manufacturer, Boffi. Despite its compactness, it allows the user to perform a broad range of gym-quality exercises, such as bench, incline or front and back support exercises.

space saving multi gym


Doing your fitness strength training regularly at home makes a lot of sense for those people who can’t get to a gym, for various reasons. A multigym such as the Origine mirror, can get you started. It’s easy to put together and comes almost fully assembled, with just a few tweaks to make sure it’s ready to go for you.

Multigym ORIGINE By Boffi

This extraordinary piece of equipment gives you all functions of classic Swedish wall bars and, thanks to the addition of a rubber band, a bench and a mat, you are provided with everything you need to practice most keep-fit exercises. A structure in aluminium profile with height-adjustment mechanism for bars that are made from steel and covered in black-painted wood transform the Origine into a durable piece that is perfectly suited for wet bathroom environments.

This mirror that can be placed in a bathroom, private pool area or even in a hallway, was specifically designed to take up as little room as possible. Since Origine multigym mirror combines more pieces of equipment into one with the idea of a home gym, you will not only save extra space by being able to place this on a wall of your home but also save money by choosing not to buy all the machines separate.

With Origine, your gym is right there, fully assembled in minutes and waiting for you whenever you’re ready. All you need to do next is simply establish a 20-30 minutes per day exercise program and follow it.

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Alessandro Andreucci multifunctional mirror