The Big Bob modern sofa was designed by Antonio Citterio with the thought that furniture should be made to fit any lifestyle.  The first thing that comes to mind is flexibility.  When you consider a family and their different needs it can be hard to find furnishings that work for all.   One feature that I am endeared by is the fact that it reclines.  After a long work day what is better than lying back and taking in some television.  The backrest has a patented mechanism that allows it to recline.  The cushions are constructed of Polyurethane and Dacron.

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The frame is made of wood and metal and thus is sturdy and able to withstand daily use.  The padding is covered by a fabric protection element which is a must when you consider any type of upholstered product that can stain more easily than leather.  How about the armrest shelf?  I thought that such a clever idea combining storage and organization with a comfortable fit.   Another great feature here is that it is covered in hide leather.  When you think about resting an arm on it, leather is so much more inviting than wood.  We found this product over at Flexform which offers great products from Italy.  Besides the Big Bob, Antonio has created other great designs that we have covered before such as the Frank Sofa.

Flexform Furniture of Italy

Big Bob Modern Sofa by Antonio Citterio

Above is a great few of the base and the shelf that acts as an armrest.   You can see how the storage is combined with seating to become one design piece.   Now those remote controls, magazines and electronic devices can be put away rather than appear as room clutter.  So many rooms are too small for a coffee table so having an option like this where it is so close is a great benefit.