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Take advantage of bedroom comforter ideas when you think about possibilities of how to update your home.  It’s great that by changing them out, you create a whole new color makeover.   Fabric is so much easier to switch out than furniture, so this is an option to consider first.  A lot of designers suggest having more than one set.  That way you can change it according to season or even just to get a change of pace.  It also helps prolong the lifetime of the product due to reduced washing and wear and tear.   There are many colors, styles and themes that shopping can be so much fun.  It’s important to think about colors which make sense to have in the pattern so that the rest of the room ties out together and creates a seamless decorative appeal.    We have ten examples that we thought were very intriguing and could help you see some possibilities for your living space.

black and white bedroom comforter with shams

The above picture shows the power of using black and white together.  Most any furniture will blend nicely in that scheme.  This spread is more transitional in showing trees or a forest, but in these hues it makes for an interesting look.

Bed Lines Featuring Lines in Neutral Brown

This is a great neutral piece that compliments the flooring well.  I can see a family that is not too flashy choosing something like this.  It’s soft and makes for a relaxing feel that is perfect for sleeping in late.

bed comforter designed for a man

I can see this in a man’s room.  It’s tasteful, and yet has some masculinity to it.

bed covering in diagonal trim pattern

The diagonal lines when the cover is pulled back is a great contrast to the top where there are soft lines that are not quite ruffles.

Yellow and Gray Covering for Modern Bed

This is the most modern bedroom idea of the set.  Yellow and gray are such an interesting choice that work well with the stark brick walls which makes me think this building is quite old and has its own history.

Ruffled Skirt Bed Comforter Idea in White

This can work in a master or event a guest room.  White is so neutral that anything goes with it.  The walls are very muted so perhaps adding some color in throw pillows would be a good idea.

striped bed linens in master suite

Cottage Themed Bedroom Design

Fun Bedroom Design for a Modern Home

brown and tan bed color scheme

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