Choosing the Best Bathroom Tile Style Options

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Choosing the best bathroom tile can often be a challenge. Your bathroom has the ability to transform your mood, your bathing experience and more. Tile is one of those materials that can transform your bathroom from bare bones to an ultimate retreat! Tiles come in a variety of styles, colors and categories.  Consider using tiles for traditional flooring or think outside the box and install tiles on countertops, backsplashes or use wall-to-wall tile for your entire bathroom.


bathroom tile glass wall

Image via: Michael Tauber Architecture


So where should you begin? Well, you will quickly discover,  that there is a plethora of tile styles to choose from. Subway tiles, glass tiles, stone and slate tiles, and unique Mediterranean mosaic tiles are just some of the styles that are now readily available. Tiles can be categorized by their material and how they are used in your bathroom. Here are ideas to help you choose which type is best.


Bathroom Tile Style Options

Subway Tile:

Subway tiles evoke a very clean feeling and look to a home. If your tastes tend towards modern, clean lines then subway tiles may be the perfect addition to your home. Most often subway tiles are used as kitchen backsplashes. Imagine a crisp white subway tile backsplash in your kitchen; looks pretty good doesn’t it?  

This is not to say that this style of tile cannot be used in other rooms of your home or in houses that have a more country, less modern feel to them.  In fact, subway tiles would look wonderful in any style of bathroom, and could be used in moderation in a country kitchen for a more eclectic look.  In fact, by adding a crisp subway tile backsplash to a country kitchen that is filled with pine floors, toile curtains and heirloom knick knacks, you will add a nice modern appeal to your home, without loosing your country charm.


subway gray tile

Image via: Jason Wells

subway tile white idea

Image via: Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design

kitchen subway tile

Image via: Karen Byler 

Stone tiles:

Stone tiles are more commonly used as flooring in most homes. These sturdy tiles can be purchased in large sizes and, therefore, make covering larger flooring spaces a cinch. They are also great for homes with children or pets thanks to their natural ruggedness.

Natural stone tiles such as marble, granite and slate are also perfect for adding glamour and sheen to your home. After all, what is more glamorous than a marble bathroom? Or a granite tile countertop in your kitchen? Or a large, warm copper-colored slate floor in your entryway?

These natural stones come in all sorts of pattern or grain variations, from simple to elaborate, and have many natural dark or light colors to choose from. Essentially any homeowner can make use of these multipurpose tiles, no matter what your taste in decorating tends towards.


stone tile ideas

Image via: Claudia Leccacorvi

stone tile ideas kitchen

Image via: Fabienne Photography

stone tile ideas exterior home

Image via: Benjamin Benschneider

Glass tiles:


While a glass tile is gorgeous, it may not be the best choice for flooring or busy homes with children and pets. Obviously, glass is breakable. Glass tiles have a beautiful reflectivity and are used in bathrooms that need more light and contemporary edge. Glass tiles have come a long way since they first came into homes years ago. Today glass tiles are combined with stone, metallic tiles and other varieties to give depth than just glass alone.

Add reflectivity to your kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower wall or use it as an accent tile to your urban fireplace wall. Glass is versatile and has come a long way from when it was first introduced on the market. Experiment with contrasting and complementing grout colors to achieve a whole different aesthetic to your interiors.


glass tile backsplash kitchen idea

Image via: Jamie Padgett

glass tile backsplash and counters bathroom

 Image via: Busybee Design

glass wall bathroom

Image via: Brandon Barré Architectural 

Mosaic tiles:


However, this is not to say that a busy mom wouldn’t love her own powder room that is laced in glass and wonderful mosaic pattern tiles. A bathroom backsplash also would look amazingly unique if covered with a mosaic tile pattern. Essentially, glass and mosaic tiles are like the addition of a beautiful necklace to complete an outfit; they are the piece de resistance to almost any room in your home.


mosaic tiles reflective

   Image via: Sindahl

mosaic tile artisan

Image via: Grey Crawford

mosaic tile bathroom

Image via: Artistic Designs for Living

Regardless the size of your budget or decor style, tiles can add an amazing upscale look to your home. If your budget is small, consider using tile in a small area of your home such as your kitchen backsplash (a room you use everyday and also a room that can add amazing value to the bottom line of your home), or if your budget is grand then add the grandness of tile throughout all the rooms of your home. The variety of styles for your home are vast and wide. Use these tile categories to help you create the perfect setting in your kitchen, bath or other tile application.


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