12 Bathroom Mirrors Ideas that are Cool and Decorative 1
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If there is one space in the house that a mirror is a must-have it’s in the bathroom, of course! Morning routines and date night looks, there’s no better spot to hang your reflection than in the room you’ll be getting ready for the days and nights in. But just because it’s a necessity doesn’t mean it has to be all function and no fun. We’ve compiled a list of 12 bathroom mirrors ideas that are cool, decorative, span fashion-forward energy and have contemporary charm. Let’s take a look!

bathroom mirrors without frame

This funky, unframed piece has a slick presence but still functional in your everyday needs. It’s unique shape fits well within the contemporary vision and adds a bit of personality to this room’s clean-edged, no-fuss look. It opens the space up even more as well by giving the illusion of more light in this bright, modern room.

circular bathroom mirrors

Circles are standard but they’re quite unique when they’re being used in the lavatory. Pair them with a smaller collage for a stylish accent but also for usage as well. The biggest one goes over the sick as the smaller ones are hung nearby for fashion and compliments. It certainly adds an extra spring to this design, don’t you think?

etched bathroom mirrors

Sometimes the actual glass may have its own detailed and design, and we’re not talking about its frame. Just look at this piece, etched with an intricate patterned and shaped in a fun way, it adds sophisticated and personality to this modern design with the bulk of extra wall accessories.

free form mirrors

For a look with a Victorian vibe, try finding a mirror that matches that same spirit and style. This piece has scalloped edges and a feminine quality that fits well within the confines of a contemporary style with an old-age spirit. And it compliments this black, lacquered sink and cabinet with such ease and beauty.

Grey Bathroom Mirrors

Other times designs come with even more function as a part of a larger piece. Just look at this design make with small, glass shelves for easy-to-access necessities. The entire unit matches in a sleek and easy way with a slight masculine and futuristic feel that we admire. Of course, this example could be placed in even more eclectic areas and fit right in as well.

infinity mirror with lights

And here’s an example of a ultra futuristic and suave design. There’s detailed made right onto the piece with a chunky frame to give it some power and a bit of light built in to highlight the area among its darker space. This is a great way of showing how traditional shapes can be made into something much more unique than what we’re used to seeing.

large white framed mirror

Elongated with a unique frame and its own lighting, this is a trendy and hip example that we’ve fallen head over heels for. It blends well with the subtle eclecticism of this particular design, it’s versatile, it’s functional but it’s also got a delicate charm that we feel is needed inside of the home, especially in the lavatory where you should feel refreshed and relaxed.

ornate bathroom mirrors

Here we have another gorgeous example of Victorian style found in the glass designs too. This room has a pair of scalloped, detailed  pieces above both his and her sink sides. They match the golden, vintage quality around the space but also provide a very sophisticated and fashion-forward energy as well.


small round bathroom mirrors

Now we have another example of a circular model that works well within this contemporary space. It’s smaller so the popped shape does its job without ruining the clean and easy spirit. The small detail that makes this a fun choice is that it’s not flat against the wall, it jumps out providing a more 3-D effect.

super modern bathroom mirrors

At first glance, you may not even realize that this diagonal piece is a mirror at all. But it is and we love its fresh design and unique innovation. Examples can come in any shape or size and still go its job, including this sleek look. As long as you can see your reflection, you’re good to go and you can get creative with your choices.

unique shaped mirrors

Reminiscent of soft, fluid hearts, we love this contemporary bathroom with a very girlish and flirty quality. His and her sinks highlight and play well with these small but workable for every use. Have you ever seen a frame of this shape? It may be the most unique of the bunch and we love its slick, unframed finish!

wide landscape bathroom mirrors

Do you see the reflections in this space? They’re completely highlighted by extra lighting that will make getting ready in the mornings an easy and much more eye opening experience, especially for makeup purposes! This one is also elongated, which will help to lengthen walls and create the illusion of more space from the mirror itself.