10 Barstools : Super Cool Modern Designs

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One thing we can say about the selection of barstools out there today is that it has gotten way better than it was just a few years ago. If you are into modern designs you are in luck as this is one of the fastest growing categories in furniture today. Also many of the available styles are height adjustable and can be used for both bar and counter heights making them very versatile as many homes being built these days have both option. We have assembled some that have made an impression and feature both back and backless barstool styles which offer their own unique look and comfort level as well as some have the ability to be tucked away under the serving surface when they are not in use. Here are some of our favorites, hope you like them.

all wood backless bar stools

backless white stools

modern kitchen furniture

dark wood counterstools

height adjustable barstools

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lime green bar furniture

modern bar stools with footrest

modern colorful barstools

low back stools for bar

There are definitely a wide selection of looks and styles here each with their own flair. Barstools should be one of the pieces of furniture that don’t have to be overly serious and are often best when fun and casual giving a relaxing visual feel and comfort if possible. We like the fun and eye catching colors some of these incorporate into the mix and especially the creative shapes that invite you to stay and hang out a while. If you did not see one that really struck your vision take a look at 50 more Contemporary ideas and Styles here.

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