cream sideboard design

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Imagined by Luc Jozancy for Matiere Grise, Barber is a TV storage unit clever and functional. Barber makes it possible to hide all devices and cables of connected objects in simple and functional small shelves mounted on wheels, so functional and easy to manipulate.
Specially designed for the indoors, the Barber TV storage unit is available in twenty nine colors with the possibility to pick different colors for each of the components of the product. One can experiment new combinations and custom-made palettes.

Barber sideboard by Matière Grise

These contemporary storage units that focus on charming color combinations offer a visual effect of big complexity. The Barber is an attractive combination between a bookcase, a container and a display unit, the owner being able to modify it as desired, having the possibility to place the shelves on the closed side or on the opened front side. The steel sideboard mixes the containing capacity of a storage system with the graphic impact of a bookcase. The most advanced technology is combined with a traditional material, not often found in furniture manufacturing, forming a solid and minimalist structure.


Beyond its clean design, the Barber TV storage unit can be used to hide an internet modem, a DVD player and all the unaesthetic cables that come with your multimedia devices. Matiere Grise produces the Barber sideboards in two different sizes: one with two and the other one with three drawers, to furnish both the living room and the bedroom.
Its particular design represents a new icon ofthe company’s design philosophy.
Since it was founded in 2005 on the initiative of Isabelle Mortreuil,  Matiere Grise has been combining interior and exterior design codes with a shrewd and sensitive eye. All of their indoors and outdoors collections are designed by the same company, Luc Jozancy’s Avant Premiere, and they are defined by simplicity, joy, and a kind of industrial elegance.

contemporary sideboard with storage

cream sideboard design

three drawers TV Console