Creative Backyard Hot Tub Ideas For 2019

3 Creative Backyard Hot Tub Ideas

Peaceful time in your backyard is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of a hectic day. To complete that home-retreat many people are integrating hot tubs in their landscape plans.

Blow your stress away in the warm waters of your backyard hot tub amidst beautiful scenery. The optimization of space and location are the keys to the ideal backyard escape. Install the hot tub in a space accessible to the best views.

The structure should enhance the aesthetics of your home and yard. And most of all it should be an oasis that meets your dreams and needs.

Hot tubs can be thought-provoking, you need to integrate and blend it with your surroundings so they add beauty in your landscape without intruding. Consider privacy from nosy people while enjoying a Jacuzzi, access to the house for food or drinks, and a shade to protect you from cold and UV rays.

Create that beautiful space to retreat for some relaxation in your backyard hot tub with these three inspirations.

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Add-ons for the Perfect Surround

A hot tub in your backyard is appealing and careful planning of what goes around it will improve your landscape. With some creativity you can add simple elements to create a relaxing and beautiful space to enjoy a private fun moment with family and friends.

Construct a multi-layered platform deck with gazebo

Hot Tub Ideas

A multi-layered deck will increase the functionality of your backyard Jacuzzi. For instance, a barbecue area on the upper deck and the lowered area for the Jacuzzi. Right here are other benefits:

  • Outdoor flooring made of wood materials contributes significantly to the appeal of your outdoor space.
  • Accommodates additional guests.
  • Makes locations inviting.
  • Added personal privacy, some constructed showers at the lower level.

A gazebo is a popular way of adding a roof to your Jacuzzi and eye-catching addition to your deck design. it can be small enough to cover your Jacuzzi or big enough to accommodate furniture, lighting, and décor.

Surround the Jacuzzi with columns

Add drama by installing Tuscan columns, one at each corner of your Jacuzzi’s space. Drape outdoor curtains between columns to delineate the space and add privacy. Although Italian this has been embraced by American architecture it gives grandeur that affects the style of the area.

Explore erotic hardwood materials

Exotic hardwoods like Ipe, Mahogany, and Teak are best for floors and cost more than domestic hardwoods will stand the test of time. Grains are wide and pronounced that enhances the beauty of your surroundings. They come in vibrant, exotic colors from red, classic brown, and purple. The Brazilian pecan show contrast from deep black to light tan in the same board.

Surround the Jacuzzi with a bench

A wood deck that surrounds the Jacuzzi doubles as a bench for outdoor seating. Make sure that the wood is sealed to avoid rot or mold, your contractor can assist you with what best fits your climate. Have some small talk with your acquaintances with some drinks while you are in the Jacuzzi.

Install a garden fountain

A garden fountain conjures calmness which is good if you live in a noisy neighborhood. The reflective properties of water can make the yard look bigger, use underwater lighting with different colors and shapes for night.

It’s nice to have a living ceiling

Few backyard Jacuzzi designs provide the feel of an outdoor paradise with a living ceiling.

Direct some climbing vegetation to your pergola like ivy. When they cover the frame, they will provide shade and the blooms will add fragrance and a beautiful setting.

Choose the Best Placement for your Backyard Hot Tub

Once you’ve selected your new hot tub, you need to think about where to place it with practicality and comfort in mind. You can install it anywhere on a deck, a patio, or even under a gazebo. The best spot depends on your landscape design and personal tastes. Here are things to consider.

Delivery access

The delivery crew should have clear access to the spot where the hot tub will go. Map out the path and measure the clearance, you can get the dimensions from the dealer or online. If there isn’t enough space make room by removing gates, railings, and portions of fences.

Perhaps a spa placed by crane is less expensive than dismantling and restoring structures in the home. Dealers provide this service.

Structural support

The spa doesn’t look heavy on the showroom floor but a 450-gallon spa with water and seven adults weighs about 5,920 pounds. A 4-inch thick concrete slab will support this weight other options are gravel, railroad ties, paving stones, and bricks.

Before installing your backyard spa check with a structural engineer to be sure that the weight of the spa doesn’t exceed the structure’s weight.

Drainage and waterproofing

Install your spa near a drainage system build one if there’s none. They should direct the water to the drainage channel without touching the spa’s equipment compartment.

Be sure to coat any wood near it with an oil-based sealant to prevent mildew and rot.

Ease of Use

When choosing the location of your spa consider convenience, a spa in the patio might be more motivating than walking at the far back of your yard. You’ll be a frequent visitor to your spa if you have easier access.

Ease of maintenance

Accessibility is vital in routine maintenance and repair. You can keep up with the regular water quality checks even during bad weather. In case the spa malfunctions the technician will have easy access to the equipment access panel.

Comfort and Privacy

You will have a long-term relationship with your spa, be sure to pick a spot that you and your family will be comfortable for years to come.

Think Backyard Hot Tub Enclosures

After a hard day at the office, you want to slip in your backyard hot tube to relax and while away the hours. But snoopy neighbors won’t allow you that convenience watching through their window or the sun is scorching, and the wind is freezing.

Protect yourself from these adverse elements invest in a hot tub enclosure and enjoy these benefits. Transform a simple soak in the hot tub into a provocative act eliciting unfavorable reactions from malicious minds. You will be safe from prying eyes with a hot tub enclosure.

  • With your tub exposed to the elements, it will age rather fast. Too much heat during summer will cause it to dry and break, and rains or snows some fragments might bend and buckle which will affect the functionality of your hot tub. An enclosure built over it will make it last a long time.
  • The change in temperature from the seasons of the year will prevent you from reaping the full benefits of your hot tub. An enclosure will make you comfortable year-round by keeping out the sun, wind, rain, and snow.
  • A hot tub increases the value of your property an enclosure raises the bar even higher. The hot tub enclosure should be chic and adds beauty to your home.
  • They do not build hot tubs to keep out debris like leaves and twigs which will eventually end up in the pipes and clog the drainage system. An enclosure will make sure that this will not happen.

Choose a great hot tub and enjoy the benefits they can bring.


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