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Brittany Ruth

Brittany Ruth writes about her love for all things travel, vintage, and DIY on her personal blog, She currently lives in Germany with her husband where she works, attends school, and travels Europe. She combines her love of traditional and vintage furniture, interiors, and architecture with modern styles. Living in Europe has given her a new perspective on design and she is constantly finding inspiration in the sights and cultures around her. She has a B.A. in English and a Minor in Media Studies. She is also pursuing her Masters in Human Relations while living abroad.

7 Home Mudroom Ideas

Great Home Mudroom Ideas Mudrooms can be at an entryway or the exit at the back end of the house. It’s a room that the family and guests will be entering to take off their muddy boots and jackets and…

10 Unique Hanging Planters For Your Home

faceted hanging tray
Choosing The Right Hanging Planters For Indoors or Outdoors Hanging planters bring a fresh and fun vibe into your home or garden. These planters are so versatile because you can hang them almost anywhere, even inside! Many people choose traditional…

Bathroom Designs : 6 Beautiful Styles

6 Beautiful bathroom Designs
A dream home can consist of many elements in various rooms, but when it comes to bathroom designs there are certain aspects of the decor that can really make your room spectacular.  Clean lines, spacious rooms, and a unique touch…

The Haute Couture of Fireplaces

rocal fireplace
The fireplace has always been a comforting and quite literal warm place for the family and friends to gather round during holidays, celebrations, or just plain cold weather.  They are a feel good spot to sit down and relax and…

The Modern Nursery in 5 Different Styles

mid century nursery
The Modern Nursery The nursery is such an important part of getting ready for a pregnancy.  This room is often where we bond with our children and envision holding them before they are even born.  It’s no surprise that new…

6 Hanging Chairs to Change the Way You Sit

green hanging chair
There are so many modern chairs out there that bring an element of beauty to a room.  Beyond the standard chair, the hanging chair still serves a basic use, but somehow manages to delight viewers by being suspended.  These hanging…

Haute Furniture and Decor by Scandinavian Designs

leaning bookshelf
Scandinavian design includes aesthetics that are crisp, clean, minimalist, and fashion forward. Many furniture items in modern homes are of or inspired by Scandinavian designs. Even IKEA is of Scandinavian invention or what we now refer to as mid-century modern.…