AstroTurf Aeron Chair by Makoto Azuma Doesn’t Come with Dirt, or Bugs

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Is it possible that you love AstroTurf so much that you would be ready to cover some of the furniture you happen to use on a regular basis with AstroTurf? It seems that Makoto Azuma is the kind of designer that takes his AstroTurf furniture seriously and today we’re looking at one such creations, the Aeron chair. We’re looking at an otherwise regular desk chair that has been completely covered in AstroTurf. The Aeron looks like a more than comfortable seating solution, I just hope there aren’t any bugs and/or dirt included in the package. The Aeron chair will be on display at the Tokyo Herman Miller store this summer, so if you happen to be around those parts you could definitely give it a try.

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