As an uncle and blogger I am always on the lookout for products that would be suitable for my nephew. I follow furniture regularly and as most of you are aware, lead paint and harmful additives in general, are a concern in the world today.
We love providing great pictures of innovative and classic products for our readers. A picture is truly worth a 1,000 words. There are limits though. Many product lines often do not have great pictures which we consume as readers with enthusiasm. One such area is in nursery and children’s furniture. Typically, the pictures are not what they may be in other types of products. That being said, we still strive to bring products to our readers even though the pictures may not be as great.
One such product caught my eye today from Liapela modern baby. A toddler-bed from Petra made me think of my nephew. The Petra toddler bed has a classic modern look and is available in birch, white, walnut, red maple and cherry for $395. The bed is recommended from 15 months up to 50 lbs. Side rails are detachable providing a nice feature for parents. Mattress support is ventilated and can accommodate a standard crib sized mattress or a foam mattress. I found the $395 price to be reasonable for a toddler bed. You could use the same mattress from the crib to provide your child some stability as he/she transitions away from the crib.
Bed 60″x 36″, headboard height is 20″, height of platform is 8″ (very low to the ground for safety and ease)

petra toddler bed argington.jpg

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