AllSpark Storage Cabinet Is Mostly Wanted by Transformers

In case you haven’t seen any of the Transformers movies then you probably aren’t aware that the AllSpark is a very important device for the average Transformer robot. So be very careful when ordering such a storage cabinet for your home as the both the bad and good guys might be on the lookout for you. The AllSpark is supposed to be an audio/video cabinet that would hide all the gadgets that currently help out with your home entertainment needs. The AllSpark is best suited for your AV equipment although it would most definitely store other stuff as well. The AllSpark includes an infrared receiver that would let all your remotes control the gadgets inside. But again, make sure no Transformers are in sight when setting up this AllSpark cabinet.

AllSpark 1.jpg
AllSpark 2.jpg

AllSpark 3.jpg
AllSpark 4.jpg