ALF Smart Walk-In Closet System: Modern Ingenuity

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No two closets are alike, because no two wardrobes are quite the same in style.  You need a closet that fits your fashion sense and has room to grow as you add new pieces.  The ALF Smart Walk-in Closet System is an easy solution for transforming any space, even places that aren’t currently a wardrobe, into a precise and chic way to contain your clothing exactly as you need it to.


ALF Smart Walk-In Closet System

Smart walk-in closet


Use vertical and horizontal shelving for folded clothing or seasonal sweaters and blankets.  The Smart design by ALF is for things you want to store out of the way, use either columnar drawer chests or more elongated rows of drawers with shelf space on top for displaying your favorite accessories.  Of course, you can also design the amount and placement of your hanging space for short blouses and shirts as well as long dresses and trousers.


storage style ideas

walk-in closet design


The blocky, modular look of the Smart Walk-in Closet System has a modern, sculptural vibe that suddenly turns your personal storage into a display worthy of showcasing.  The flexible sizes mean that you can insert pieces into any shape of closet, or you can choose to expand your thoughts and transform an entire wall into a storage solution.  In a range of color choices, the Smart Walk-in Closet takes everyday storage and elevates it to true interior design.


What possibilities does the Smart Walk-In Closet open up in your home?

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