Solid Wood "Alder" Furniture Collection from Brent Comber 1
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Brent Comber as you can see works well with wood, and the natural progressing of his collection includes the “Alder” series which has pedestals, cubes, and a bench made from vertical stock. Shown here are the Alder Kiss which makes a perfect table base or pedestal for your favorite statue 18x 18 x28.5 80lbs, and the Alder Saddle, a bench perfect for indoor or outdoor seating 15 d x 60 w x 18 h 150lbs. These additions to Brent Comber’s all wood collection of furniture show his commitment to working with one of natures most beautiful gifts and how creatively it can be used. See the rest of the collection including items from the Shattered and Solid collections

Solid Wood "Alder" Furniture Collection from Brent Comber
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