Air Lounge Contemporary & Comfortable Hammock
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When it comes to real quality outdoor lounging nothing beats the carefree floating feeling of a great hammock. The Air Lounge from TUUCI I think gets some extra points for not only comfort but cool looks as well. These days backyard decorating has become far beyond what it once was and with that some great patio furniture has surfaced with arrangements for outdoor kitchens and seating areas that could easily make the cut as interior furnishings. In some places where a vast majority of time is spent outside it is wide to spend accordingly and really decorate up your backyard surroundings. The classic combination of the tubular steel bar red wood stretcher bar and Ultra Dry-Core Comfort Mesh create a very sophisticated look not normally associated with a hammock.

modern hammock

You can almost feel the comfort as the person here sinks into the mesh sling that seems to have far more ability to conform to a persons body than the typical knotted rope versions. While they do work well and resist the elements they just aren’t the most comfortable. The designer here kept in mind that quite often two people like to relax together and the Air Lounge has ample space for a friend.  The lightweight tubular frame allows for easy moving and re positioning as the sun patterns change or if you want to work on a better view as you enjoy the day.

sleek outdoor furniture

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