Add Flair with the Canasta Sofa Collection by B&B Italia

Patricia Urquiola brings the outdoors in with this beautiful sofa collection inspired by nature. She uses woven patterns to revive and personalize the concept. Traditional yet contemporary, the Canasta Sofa Collection by B&B Italia is a perfect blend of old and new. It has a defined contemporary look that is devoid of nostalgic influence. It is made from Vienna straw which boasts a lovely geometric shape. Urquiola reinterprets the regular Viennese Thonet straw/cane weave by enlarging its ever-present repetitive pattern to form Canasta’s structure. A variety of low and dining-height tables with gorgeous graphic surfaces in ceramic tile brilliantly enrich the collection.


Add Flair with the Canasta Sofa Collection by B&B Italia

outdoor seating solutions by Patricia Urquiola


The Canasta Sofa Collection by B&B Italia was created specifically for the outdoor environment. The designer’s love for woven forms and unique patterns shines through in all the pieces. Canasta is named after the Spanish word for basket. Its name references the frames of the chairs, sofas, and tables. The collection is made suitable for the outdoors by fabricating its woven strips in bronze or white polyethylene.


white outdoor contemporary sofa


Design genius Patricia Urquiola is popular for her unified furniture pieces which offer a lot of function and style. Her collections are comprised of an assorted mix of products which do not compromise on comfort. The Canasta Sofa Collection clearly reflects her eclectic approach to design. Each of its pieces boasts a unique flair that feels very adaptable. The set is made in the Philippines which is renowned for its ancient and exceptional three-dimensional weaving.

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