10 Lovely Accent Wall Examples and Ideas from Actual Homes

If you are looking for accent wall examples and ideas for your next home improvement project, then look no further for ideas and inspiration.   We have compiled 10 lovely designs that cross many types of decorative modes from texture to color paint.   The first step is to have the courage to take such a risk in your own home. Just last year I took an entryway wall and painted it a bold shade of red. One family member was very concerned and negative on the idea thinking that it would not be tastefully done and the shade of red too much. The project turned out lovely. I get compliments all the time when new guests come to the house and enter and see the transformation that has taken place.

Many people would think it a challenge to create an accent wall in a small space such as the picture above.  This decorator was clever in using a weathered looking wood to mesh with the older feel of this apartment.  What a great contrast that is created from the light and dark of the flooring and paint.

Using Purple in a Living Room Layout

This textured purple is no doubt a bold and risky move.  Since the furniture is so neutral this look works just fine.  The wall could have also been red along with some accessories to tie it all together.  That seems like more traditional choice.

Odd Bedroom Design with Space Theme

I can’t say this is my favorite, but it is unique.  It would be interesting to know what the person’s field of study or work is.  This makes me think of something in the space industry.

Use of Color in a Kitchen Floor Plan

This example is great to see that this decorative motif can work in a kitchen as well.  Lots of time these rooms can be sterile and lack color.

Dining Room Featuring Natural Stone Wall

Decorating With Red Paint in an Apartment

Light Green Accent Wall and Fireplace

This shade of green works so well in this living room design.  Notice how light most of the other elements are.  This creates a gentle and subtle field to the room.

Accent Wall Example in Lovely Home

Room Design for Technology Start Up

The first thing that comes to mind is a technology startup seeing this way out there look.  This is not a good option for most families, but it is interesting seeing it among these ten pictures.

Modern Living Room With Paneled Wall Design