Sharper Image has come up with a microwave for the truly space challenged. The iwavecube is being billed as the world’s first and only truly portable microwave.
The iwavecube is tiny at 10×10.5×12 — it is much smaller than any other small microwave I have seen. This would be perfect for micro kitchens found in may efficiencies these days. It is a bit power challenged at 350 watts, which means you’ll be waiting a bit longer for that popcorn. Its size also greatly restricts what you’ll be able to cook in it. The iwavecube is also very quiet which is always a plus in small spaces.
If you have a tiny kitchen the iwavecube could be just the microwave for you. Just don’t try to defrost you’re Thanksgiving Turkey in it. Available at Sharper Image $129.99.

small microwaves.jpg