A great Spanish bathroom vanity from Manufacturer Sonia 1
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Looking for that edge in a Spanish bathroom vanity for a contemporary home? Don’t forget about Sonia from Spain. Sonia offers some great bathroom vanities for the design conscious home owner. I found two great examples that highlight some of their work. The first is a minimalist version in stark white. Here nothing is left to waste. As you look around the bathroom, you can see that everything has its place. There is no oversized design that takes the eyes away from the flow of the room.
The other pictured bathroom vanity is a bit more adventurous and designed for the brave. I immediately think pure contemporary when I see this design featuring various shades of green on black. I do like the compact size of the cabinets and how they sit on the wall. The owner of this set certainly wants the line of vision to focus on these colors. As for my personal tastes, I would go for the more minimalist setting since that applies more to my style.

sonia bathroom vanity.JPG