6 Dry Saunas that Improve Personal Wellness from Tylo

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Dry saunas bring with them many benefits to improve personal wellness. The biggest health benefit is ridding the body of toxins that are harmful. Additionally, people find dry saunas quite relaxing as great ways to relieve stress and bring clarity to the mind. Tylo makes a line of dry saunas for the home. Their styles range from what I call the expected “wooden look” to other design types such as: Japanese, modern, and traditional. They pay great attention to detail and creates models that can work in any home decorating style. As I look into the future I wonder if bathrooms will have a dry sauna or perhaps a nice steam shower. Not more than ten or so years ago the advent of the garden Jacuzzi tub started. Now, the garden tub is on the typical home shopper’s checklist. Who knows what the future will hold. Over the last week I have been polling people to see what their preference is between a Jacuzzi tub, steam shower, or dry sauna. I have to report that the findings are mixed. I have had a few people say that they would rip their garden tub out and install a dry sauna or steam shower if they had the money to do so.
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