Made of recycled, upcycled, eco-friendly and/or generally conscientious materials, this roundup of sustainable light sources doesn’t sacrifice style for soul.  From glass bottles to bamboo, these pendants, table lamps and otherworldly light sources provide all sorts of ambience to suit a wide range of tastes.  Their levels of brilliance run from subtle and understated to brilliant and bold, and there’s something for nearly every budget too.

sustainable lights
The Glowing Nourishment Lamp from Carolyn Joan Lau
sustainable light
The Fugu-Inspired Blowfish Lamp by Andrea Carvajal
sustainable pendant lights
Eco-friendly pendant lights from the Precious Pieces collection
sustainable lamps
The Las Feliz table lamp by Patricio Lix Klett


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sustainable light source
The Forest Lamp from Lamp Artwork Style


Many of the lamps shown above are available from Inhabitat.