5 Unique Home Design Color Duos

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Pink and Reds, Lime and Yellow. There are plenty of unique color pairings that can take on a modern, fashion-forward appeal. Making a statement in a home can bring great joy when people come to visit and comment on your good tastes in colors. From the master bath to the kitchen, if you’re looking to refresh your space with something vivacious and stylish, look no further. We’re here with the inspiration you’re looking for. Take a peek at our choices for the best five unique home design color duos to dress your house with this year!

Gold and Midnight

5 Unique Home Design Color Duos

Chic and sophisticated, this color duo is perfect for a space that needs a boost of elegance and luxurious appeal. Golden hues and black accents make for a unique, contemporary look that most of your friends and family will never think to try. The bold contrast of the two colors really ads a rich sophisticated feel that draws your eye.

Mango and Cherry


Red and Orange Living Room

Bright and vivacious, just because you love a modern edge doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate loud and bold colors within your home’s design. Just make sure your pairing these loud shades with ones that compliment a contemporary edge. Take this mango and cherry-covered living room for example, although it offers a nice festive visual, it’s quite sleek in design as well. This combination is definitely more daring than most but remember paint is the most cost effective way to make changes and they are only as permanent as you make them.


Lemon and Haze

Yellow and Grey Contemporary Apartment

A bit more subdued and subtle in personality, this pair is relaxing but still very refreshing. It’s a bit more hipster and trendy in vibe than the two previous pairings, but it’s no less clean and contemporary in style. This apartment is accented in such a sophisticated, yet youthful way that we just had to feature it! I personally think the green makes a great statement and ads a real pop to this otherwise quiet room.

Lavender and Lime

Purple and Green Contemporary Kitchen

Even if you just need a splash of pizazz, accent your kitchen or small breakfast nook with something that has lots of panache. Lavender and lime are complimentary shades but they’re also a bit more eclectic at first glance. As long as you pay attention to sharp edges and clean lines, you’ll make this color duos an incredibly unique and posh look.

Navy and Neon

Navy Blue and Pink Room

A deep navy blue is offset quite nicely with a hot, hot, hot neon pink! It’s fresh and lively, and all you need is a neutral foundation to keep the eye candy a bit more on the delicate side. The harshness of both tones can be very overpowering and dramatic, but used in the right ways you can easily create a contemporary, clean space with lots of unique style.

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