5 Modern Platform Beds to Tumble Into

In the days before box springs, humans slept on simple mattresses, and eons before that, (gasp!) the ground.  Platform beds, then, have been all the rage since practically the dawn of time — mainly because the broad definition of a modern platform bed is that which has only a mattress and no supporting material other than the frame itself.  Although they’re designed in a variety of heights, most platform beds hover close to the floor, offering a certain come-hither retro aesthetic not found in traditional “princess-and-the-pea” sleeping arrangements that might be fit for royalty but still require a bit of a climb.  While one bed in today’s roundup offers storage, yet another is round and each one has its own unique personality, every last bed pictured here makes it rather easy to just tumble right on in — very James Bond, really.  Who needs a box spring with a bed as stylish as this?  And who’d ever want to leave?

5 Modern Platform Beds to Tumble Into


platform beds


round platform bed


upholstered platform bed


modern platform beds