5 Modern Game Room Ideas for the Family

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It may be where everyone gathers for a Friday night movie, complete with freshly popped popcorn. Or it may be where all the kids go when they want time by themselves to play video games or host their birthday sleepover. Whatever the case, game rooms are, essentially, an integral part of a family’s home. If you’re lucky enough to have an extra space for playtime with your loved ones, then it’s never too late to think about design and organization, even for a room with so much traffic. Take a look at some of these stylish, modern game room ideas and gather some inspiration for your family’s enjpyment.

Funky, Functional Shelving.

Modern Game Room Ideas for the Family

Even if you don’t have an entire room to fit your game playing and relaxing in, you can still create a fun place out of a nook or hallway. But the key is great storage. These funky, contemporary shelves not only store all the board games but give the area a great textural, interesting design element.

Eclectic Textural Pairings.

Modern Game Room

Although you’re using this room for fun and games, you can pay attention to detail and style in surprising ways. The floors, ceiling and light fixtures can all have eye-catching, artistic appeals for a cutting-edge, modern decor. We love how all of the pieces that won’t be played will create a trendy and functional room.

Off-Kilter Accents.

Modern Game Room

Tin walls, a license plate border and a purple ping pong table; it’s fun, playful and vibrant for the whole family. There are no rules to follow when it comes to the game room, as long as it’s organized, you should do what inspires you. Install fun seats for the family and kids to enjoy and pick out a neutral foundation before you add funky accent colors.

Chic and Clean Game Room Ideas

Modern Game Room

Use classic color combination, keep things tidy and pay attention to the lines of the furniture you decide to use. Lots of people think that it’s frivolous to concern yourself with playrooms for the kids or game rooms for the family, but it’s still a piece of your home so put a bit of thought into finishing off your home with a similar clean and chic space.

Ultra Contemporary Game Room Ideas

Modern Game Room

Again, use classic color combinations to set the tone. And then, truly think about what your vision for the space. It could be a shed transformation or just creating the basement into a fun and modern place to play. Futuristic chairs, a great pool table and artistic elements, including art and homey accessories can all make a simple game room into another stylish part of the house.

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