5 Accent Walls With Fashion-Forward Style

Accent walls are a great way to incorporate interest and focus in your home. Whether it’s in the hallways, guest room or even in your own master bedroom, this is an easy way to add length, style or even a bit of drama without going overboard with bright or dark tones. You may even want to add some prints, patterns or special designs, it’s okay to get creative when used in small doses. Check out 5 of our favorite accent walls pumped with fashion-forward style and see if one of these ideas could be exactly what you need for your home!

Accent Walls With Fashion-Forward Style

These poppy red accent walls add just enough pizazz to this light, open space. The area is clean and tidy, modern and fresh but still extremely fashion-forward and personal with that extra pop of color hiding in the wings.


Accent Wall With Pattern

Sometimes you don’t even need a bout of paint to create an accent wall. In some cases, wallpaper comes in handy. Like this kitchen design for example, although dark and small it’s got the style to wow with its silky navy accents and patterned accent wall. It’s artistic and completely one-of-a-kind.

Dark Brown Accent Wall

Black and chocolate brown can really dress the walls in spaces such as these. Open areas with lots of natural light can hold this bold style without it overtaking the room. We love how chic and sophisticated this wall makes this dining room, it’s perfect for entertaining and a perfect way to show off the family’s contemporary edge.


pink and white kitchen design

Even pink can make the right kind of splash, in the kitchen no less! We love these slick cabinets and smooth surfaces, but we especially love the rosy pink peeking out creating a beautiful contrast and fashion-forward style. It’s unique, it’s modern and it’s super youthful and fun! Red, powder blues and yellow could also make a great statement in this realm.

living room interior pictures

Classic black and white combinations will never go out of style. These stripes on this accent wall create interest, an artistic presence and depth to this relaxing space. Combined with the chevron rug and you’ve got a neat and clean area springing with personality and fashionable energy.

all photos via Houzz