4 Great Vent Free Fireplaces for the Home

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Many of us live in situations where there is no venting for fireplaces. Most condominiums, apartments, and lofts are built with this standard. Further, you many want to have a fireplace installed in a room after you have had your home built or purchased second hand. For example, a fireplace in the bedroom would be a great after thought, but may be too expensive in terms of remodeling costs. Here are four examples of fireplaces that are vent free and thus do not need the traditional way to send air outside. These products run on fanola fuel and are thus, totally safe. Fanola fuel is clean burning and does not produce acrid smelling smoke. Each fireplace is constructed of glass, anthracite, and stainless steel.
Wall Mounted Fireplace
Vent Free Fireplaces
Small Fireplace No Venting


fanola fuel fireplaces

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