4 State-of-the-Art Modern Bathtubs

Remember the days when staying in a hotel with a phone in the bathroom meant it was upscale?  We’ve come a long way, baby; behold today’s roundup of four state-of-the-art modern bathtubs with built-in televisions.  Perhaps we’re too busy to simply do one thing at a time; maybe some of us absolutely cannot disconnect for more than five-minute increments, and tuning out the world for the length of a bath is just too much; or maybe luxury is luxury, and that’s just that.  Whatever the case, today’s roundup of television tubs will carry you away while keeping you connected (and clean).

high tech bathtub
TV Tub by Karim Rashid for Saturn Bath Company


jacuzzi tub with television
The La Scala Jacuzzi Tub with 42-Inch Television


computerized bathtub
The Aquapeutics U261AC Computerized Bathtub


whirlpool tub with television
The Luxor Whirlpool Tub by Divapor


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