There’s something so sleek about today’s roundup of modern showers, it’s almost eerie.  The unyielding gleam of these glass and metal fixtures is clinically clean to the point of looking as if we’re somehow peering into the future.  Never mind the fact that their ability to deliver stellar water pressure is likely unmatched by most of their less elegant contemporaries; half their job is completed, really, by the sheer fact that standing underneath one makes a person feel instantly chic.  Whether you’re building your bathroom from scratch and have the freedom to hang Davi’s six-tentacled masterpiece from its ceiling or you’re simply in the market to update your existing shower head with an urbane glass plate from Ritmonio, there’s something of interest in this squeaky clean quartet.

4 Phenomenal Modern Showers

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modern shower head


The Vola Shower Head by Teit Weylandt


Glass Shower Heads from Ritmonio