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If you are like many of us you live in-town in a smaller apartment, flat, or loft. The trade-off on living in-town is that of space versus convenience. When it comes to furnishing a smaller place, it can be more difficult to add furniture pieces that are not absolutely needed. Creating an office falls into this category. The challenge is finding a small desk that can work in the space, and hopefully add some other aesthetic value to the overall apartment decor. The three desks featured in the pictures here may give you some ideas about what can work. Each one has their unique appeal. One is more of a table that converts into a desk, whereas another is a hybrid between a table and a desk. The third is more of a typical looking desk. These three products are the Papiro, Post Scriptum, and Scrivano from Porada.
Office Desk for Modern Apartment or Loft
small space desk that folds away

Small Modern Secretary Desk

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