3 Interesting Bookcases from Motusmentis 1
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If you have a flair for interesting shapes then these bookcases from Motusmentis may be just what your wall needs. Each has its own shape that is sure to draw the eye of any visitor to the house. The three bookcases are: Wallboarding, Kaktus and Kubicle. The unique geometry behind the Kaktus for example almost looks better without anything on it as if it were a room divider or art display. We have seen so many bookshelf designs lately that have been anything but typical and the sky is really the limit as you will see from the recent post we did called 15 Super Cool Bookcases for the Modern Home. We hope you find inspiration here or at least see that going outside the norm can be a fun way to decorate your reading room with much needed style

3 Interesting Bookcases from Motusmentis
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Wall mounted free form bookcase
Tree shaped bookcase
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