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The costs of home construction can be great when you add in all the features that you want. Stone veneer houses are one way to keep costs lower by forgoing using natural stone in the construction. I am a skeptic when it comes to stone veneer as I love the beauty of natural stone particularly in architecture. In “16 Stone Veneer Houses that You Must See” I thought that our readers can judge from themselves the look of the product. I must say that on first glance the product passes the test. I have not had a chance to “place my hands” on the product so if someone has, please leave a comment for others to read. These pictures are courtesy of Eldorado Stone whose site can be found here.

home building
American home
This really looks like real stone when you see it up close.  It’s amazing how they worked this pattern together. You can imagine how much it would cost to build this masonry on a custom house.
colonial home
cozy home
Eldorado Stone example
front entry way
front steps
house plans
house with Stone Veneer
new home designs
stone house with arch way
stone veneer
tile roof
white home with stone work