Cool chandeliers are often the signature pieces of any room since their imposing size and beautiful design always command attention. As one of the most versatile lighting fixtures in homes these days they don’t adhere to any one single trend and the sky is the limit when it comes to great looking options. The less is more concept can surely apply to lighting and often fixtures are not even notices for a reason. Then again they are often ostentatious and meant to be the focal point of the room. Listed below are some of the most innovative and cool chandeliers we have seen recently that range from the surreal to the sublime in a wide variety of materials, bulb types, themes and sizes. I really like the Disco Ball one that I am sure will bring back some great memories from the 70’s and the Barlite that will adorn many bachelor pads as long as beer remains the drink of choice. We hope you find a great looking design, and feel free to send us some of your finds as you look for the perfect style for your home.

UFO by Neues Licht

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The Uma by Nemo Cassina

The Tide by Stuart Haygarth


The Ink Cartridge by LowellAndLouise


The Gun by Rock and Royal


The Bicycle Chain by Carolina Fontoura Alzaga


The Bacterioptica by MADLAB


Shiny Disco Ball by FRONT


The Hungry by Siahvoshi


Color Changing


Gothic Flower Power by Barlas Baylar



Tejas Home Barlite by Trent Cody


Spiralight LED by Robin Carpenter


Disposable by Stuart Haygarth


The Cascading Hanger