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With rising sea levels, skyrocketing land prices and climate changes, floating homes and structures are emerging as an alternative to traditional housing solutions. While they are best suited for low-lying regions and are extremely popular in places like the Netherlands, the trend is fast catching on to other places. Since many tout them as the next big thing, I decided to list some of the coolest floating homes and structures out there. Some are just concepts, some are a reality but all are just pure awesome.

Dubai Floating Home By X-Architects

Trilobis 65 Concept Home By  Giancarlo Zema

The Citadel Complex By  Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio

Solar Floating Home Concept By  Orhan Cileli

The Last Resort By RAFAA Architecture & Designs

Loup de Mer Colony By Espen E. Erikstad

Jelly-Fish 45 Concept By  Giancarlo Zema

Floating Solar House By Kingsley Architects

Floating House with an Integrated Boathouse and Dock By MOS

Glass Floating House By  Watervilla Kortenhoef ,Waterstudio.NL

Private Floating Homes At Hamburg Hafencity,Germany

The Schwimmhaus By  Confused-Direction

Floating Ark Concept By Remistudio

Tafoni Floating Home By Joanna Borek Clement

Water-Scraper Concept By  Sarly Adre Bin Sarkum

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