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You thought chalkboards were just a part of your school days, well think again. As you can see from this random assortment of daily furnishings they have found their way to the design continuum and are being used extensively in furniture, accessories and permanent fixtures in homes. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at our compilation of some of the coolest chalkboard inspired furniture and home accessories. The lackadaisical look of chalk makes it perfect for less formal interior scheme.  It seems that the need to leave your mark or a tid bit of information for those you live with as well as the ability to add a touch of graphic design has led the makers of these innovative home accouterments to add a space to do so. If you have been thinking about your own product this may be the right time to bring it to the market.

If you have ever lost your social beverage to someone else at a gathering you can appreciate this coaster that allows you to personalize not only the owner but the contents. I guess it s the simple things in life that count and this is a fine example. We hope you found one you can use in your home.

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