15 Examples Of Beautiful City Inspired Furniture 1
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As someone who has a insatiable case of wanderlust, I automatically gravitate towards furniture inspired by world cities. Each piece either becomes a reminder of an unforgettable anecdote or serves as the motivation for the next adventure. Many in the design continuum also share the same sentiment and listed before are some of the most beautiful furniture inspired by world cities.

The U.S. Map Bookshelf
USA bookshelf

Paris Traditional Wood Storage by PortobelloStreet

Parisian sideboard

The Paris Bathtub by Condor Balneo

Paris bathtub

The Baghdad Coffee Table by Ezri Tarazi

Baghdad coffee table

Paris 1919 Rug By Toulemonde Bochart

Paris rug

New York Inspired Build Your Block Series Of Cushions and Pillows

New York city block pillows

The Moscow Bowl by Datadesign

Moscow bowl

Manhattan Bridge Inspired Dining Table 

Manhattan bridge table

Coney Island Chaise by Uhuru Designs 

coney island chaise lounge

City Lights Globe Lamp

city light globe

348 Notturno New York Sofa by Cassina

new york skyline sofa

The “ParisLovesYou” Chair

paris loves you chair

Venezia, Parigi, Barcelona and Istanbul Coffee Table

city tables
Delhi Bus Ticket Chest by Neil Dantas

unusual chests

The Berlin Table by Meyer Miller Smith

Berlin table