15 Cool And Creative Modern Faucets

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Washing your hands is one of the most mind-numbing experiences ever but something we wholeheartedly encourage at Furniture Fashion! Now thanks to some creative industrial designers out there, one can make the whole experience fun and enjoyable. So you have faucets that resemble gadgets, that change color and even tell time and give you access to the Internet! We love a good gadget here but it has to make sense and function as intended despite its cool and creative allure. Well these innovative styles definitely put out the water and a little more including bright lights and information. Listed below are some of the most innovative faucet designs out there in case you are looking for some innovation in your bathroom or kitchen. We especially like the E Vision Digital by Jado for its visual temperature display that would certainly come in handy on those cold winter mornings.

Water Ball Ripples By Smith Newnam
Water Ball Ripples Faucet By Smith Newnam

Touch Screen Faucet By Fima

touch screen faucet

Sony Playstation Style By Jean Nouvel

sony playstation style faucet

+Shifter By Shen Di

shifter faucet

Ondus Digitecture Wall Mount

modern wall mount faucet

iPad Standing By Elecom

ipad faucet

Round By GSG

round white faucet

Flat Fold Digital Faucet By Min Kong

fold-out digital faucet

Turn By Eun Ji Byeon

rotary faucet

E-Vision Digital By Jado

contemporary digital faucet

Contemporary Q-Beo Kludi

modern faucet designs

Chrome Waterfall with LED

Acquaviva Swarovski Studded By Bongio

swarovski faucet

The Sun Lamp With LED

sun lamp faucet

LED By Think Geek

unique faucets

 We hope you like the round up here and maybe you even found the next innovation to add to your place.

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