15 Beautiful Examples Of Indian Inspired Furniture 1
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Asian inspired furniture, Indian in particular has caught the fancy of the western world. Be it the array of striking colors, the seductive rustling of silks or unapologetic opulence, Indian aesthetics are an arresting mesh of kitsch and chic. Listed below are some of our favorite Indian inspired pieces, which may be quintessentially Indian, but will resonate with a global audience.

The Opium Sofa by Pinakin Patel

Indian sofa


The Fretwork Chest by Pinakin Patel

Indian chest

The Chocolate Vanilla Table by Abhijeet Kumar

Indian coffee table

The Anglo-Indian Styled Bed by Montoya

Indian bed

Phul Chair By Mann Singh 

Indian chair

Indian Mother of Pearl Inlay Mirror 

mother of pearl mirror

Jocopo Furniture Collection from Modani 

Indian furniture

Indian Typography Stool by Zaishu

Indian stool

Indian Inspired Limited Edition Eames Chair 

Indian Eames chair

Indian Elephant Day Bed

Indian day bed

India Typography Inspired Cushions

Indian pillows

Indian Inspired Batik Cabinet 

batik cabinet

“Ecooler” Hollow Ceramic Tile System by Mey Kahn and Boaz Kahn 

indian tile

My Beautiful Backside by Doshi Levien

unique Indian daybed

Moroso’s Charpoy Daybed 

Indian bench