14 Beautiful And Modern Canopy Beds

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Canopy beds are timeless and have a charm of their own. Eternally romantic, canopy beds gives an illusion of a private haven since one gets enclosed in the flowing fabrics. However not all canopy beds have to follow a traditional design thought process and listed below are some of the most beautiful contemporary canopy beds.

The Voyage Canopy Bed by Kenneth Cobonpue

The High Fidelity Canopy Bed by Edoardo Carlino


The GRAY 81E Canopy Bed by Gervasoni


The Float Outdoor Canopy Bed by Design Mobel


The Elegant Canopy Bed by Joseph Walsh


The Cosmovoide Canopy Bed


The Celeste Canopy Bed by Kris Van den Berghe


The Black And White Canopy Bed by Mazzali


The Otto Canopy Bed by Paola Navone


The Eden by Ego Paris


The Cloud Bed by Courtney Skott

The Private Cloud Bed

The Mantra Bed by FEG

Belle Noir Canopy Bed by Zocalo


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