13 Modern Kitchen Designs to Fire Up Your Cooking Passion

The Kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house and, no matter what kind of home you currently reside in, whether small or big, whether a rental or your own place,  special attention should be paid. After all that’s where your cooking passion comes to life and, let’s face it, we can’t go on to our day-to-day business without passing through the kitchen for a quick bite. Since we spend so much time in this all encompassing room we tend to remodel and renovate it more than most rooms in our homes. Therefore today we found a bunch of ideas that could inspire your next home makeover and possibly your idea of the perfect modern kitchen designs. In case you need additional inspiration here are some that we featured on a recent post.

Mosman House – Corben Architects


Beach House – Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

The Milly – Stosa Cucine

Faceted House 1 – Paul McAneary Architects

Peach Farm – Bates Masi Architects

Santa Teresa House – SPBR Architects

The Prestige Rialto – Arca

La Cornette – YH2 Architects

Michael Parks – Michael Parks

Cozy Loft

Carbon Fiber – Porsche Design

Silvertree Residence – Secrest Architects

Artisan – Brummel Papillon