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There are great iPad stand ideas all over the internet and also in retail stores.  What if you are an active and busy person?  That may lend itself to having flexibility and finding the design that is right for you.  Our editors have compiled thirteen examples for just such a purpose.  In looking at them, there are many features that a shopper should key in on.  One such notion is finding the proper angle that you want the iPad set at.  Another consideration is how secure does the device need to be?  These notions seem simple, but when you consider lifestyle it is important to get it right.  Let’s take a look at these models in the hope that you can narrow down what works best in your personal situation.

The first suggestion above is ideal for a desk or fixed surface.  The device is firmly secured and presented very well for the one’s line of vision.   This is more of a permanent placement when considering how it connects on the back.  Portability is not an important purpose here.

A great feature in this model is how simple the design is.   I do like the fact that it can be adjusted easily so a person can be comfortable looking at the screen.   The device can be easily pulled out and taken which is another plus as well.

It can’t get much simpler than what you see above.  It reminds me of an ashtray that has been cut to an angle.  Cost is an advantage that this one has over some of the other suggestions.

portable tablet desk with pencil storage

A lot of people like more of a portable desk concept and so this image above delivers.   It is very mobile and with storage can support a very organized person well.

wood iPad stand idea adjustable

This wooden rack is nicely constructed.  You can see where it can be adjusted just by simply moving from one slot to another.   I would liken this idea to that of an art easel.

My main concern with this suggestion is that it may be a bit unstable.  I could see using too much force when touching the screen and then have the device slide or fall down.

Of all the iPad stand ideas presented so far, this one is the closest to a TV stand.  Notice that the tablet is completely upright at a ninety degree angle.  For watching movies or pictures, this may be a great suggestion for a home where the family is all trying to watch the screen.   Another nice feature is how simple this is being made of plastic.  It can be stored away when not in use.

This example has a nice lip at the bottom to prevent it from falling or sliding around too much.  It may be a challenge hitting the button at the bottom though depending on the size of your hands.  I do like the grain on the wood and find it very stylish.

Pictured above is another sturdy mount perfect for having the device on a table.  Music and other home controls would work well if this were connected to those devices.  It looks like a speaker is just to right offering a conduit for sound.

This is clearly setup for a desk mount only.  I can’t see this working in many more places, but on a workstation it will do great.

Interesting concept here.  It reminds me of a picture frame where it can be unfolded to sit at an angle or pushed in and carried around.

What a great arching shape on this suggestion.  The accompanying keyboard gives it away that this is more for typing rather than just internet browsing or shopping.

tall iPad stand idea attached to desk

There are not many tall stands and here is one of them.  Most are geared for a short height burst, but here it can be extended upwards of one to two feet.   For my personal lifestyle nothing comes to mind where this would suit me, but I imagine many of our readers are looking for iPad stand ideas like this one.