12 Space Saving Corner Desks

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Do you have a nook to fill or a need for a bit of work space at home? With a corner desk design, you’ll be able to spruce up any dull crannies, utilize the excess space and create a more functional home working environment.

Whether you need some time to do business in the relaxation of your own place or your just need a space to pay your bills and keep your to-do lists, we’ve created a quick list of 12 space saving designs using small corner desks that fits in a versatile array of homes from houses to studio apartments! Take a peek!

Compact Corner Desk

A traditional, light wooden choice that can be fit into a variety of style genres and spaces, this desk has a lot of function and space to organize. You can keep office clutter at bay while still having plenty of room to get any work done around the house. We also love how modern it looks with a pop of black for contrasting.

Corner Desk With File Cabinet

 A sleeker finish than a traditional wooden desk, we love how this piece combines modern storage drawers and a rustic, homey structure. It fits easily into small rooms and can blend even more easily into a variety of comfy interior styles.

Notice the side of the desk with hidden shelving, this addition adds a small, unique charm and even more ways to keep the space organized.

Glass Corner Desk for a Home

A personal favorite of mine, as it reminds me of my desk at my parents’ house from my high school years, this contemporary piece is quaint and perfect for small work spaces.

It works when you just need a place for your printer and laptop, or a corner to pay your bills and keep up with your pen pals and Christmas cards.

This desk was made to fit into a teenager’s bedroom or college student’s dorm room. It’s small enough to fit inside any size room but it also has the space to do real work, and of course, fit a laptop – which is the most important. Its easy, contemporary design will also be a hit among trendy, youthful style lovers.

great looking wooden home office desk and chair set

A traditional work station, this two-tone piece has ample storage space and great working ability. It’s got a more masculine energy which makes for a great choice if you’re looking for something not as dainty or creative-inspired but a bolder, more functional set.

It’s also big enough that you can create an entire room around it, which is a plus if you have an extra room to transform into a home office.

corner table that can act as a desk

Sometimes all you need is a place to “put” something, and this is the piece that can take care of that simple pleasure. Used as a desk or a charming table this subtle, white-coated design is the easiest choice of the entire bunch and probably the most functional when looking to help in a variety of small spaces.

The extra, small shelve on the bottom helps out with even more organization without being too bulky – another plus for tiny spots.

White Corner Desk for the Home

We love this desk because of it’s storage space, of course, but also it’s more delicate, creamy color and more creative vibe. This desk was more for a lighter space with an inspirational essence.

By a window with great lighting, fun accents, such as the basket-woven compliments, and vintage accessories make this an interesting and fun addition to your home.

home office desk and chair
This set has all the character and functionality of vintage printer’s cabinets, with a versatile, modular design that adapts easily to create a custom work station.

As the caption states, this quirky piece has all the character and functionality of vintage printers’ cabinets and has a versatile design that will adapt to a variety of settings making it a super easy work station. It’s got a bit of a masculine energy, but also a cool and trendy hipster vibe that’s completely in style.

Small and quaint, like one of its predecessors, this piece is perfect for a teen’s bedroom or college dorm that doesn’t have the excess space for a desk with chunky drawers and shelves.

Instead, it creates a spot to get research and paper writing done without cluttering their personal space. It’s a simple design with a modern appeal that will fit into most style genres, especially those with youthful appearances.

Utilize the space you have and go for a smaller piece that acts not only as a desk but display table as well. You’ll kill two birds with one stone with this red beauty: style and function.

Get your work done when you need a spot to stop and get things done and when you’re not working, use it to jazz your home up a bit with fun accents and color.

We’re loving this design because of its color of course! Your daughter will love having this purple knockout in her room to brighten up the space and make homework a lot more enjoyable.

She’ll be able to get her papers done with ease, organize her school supplies and keep her room stylish and trending with its fun design and tone.

 This white piece is probably the most modern and futuristic of the bunch, so its an obvious favorite. Its clean lines and contemporary design will make even the chicest studio apartment proud.

We love the shelving addition that will help you organize and style your personal space with ease while you still have a desktop area for working on the computer and doing paperwork.

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