Now that the Sun is out, you have the perfect excuse for a siesta. And no you don’t have to go to Spain to enjoy a relaxing afternoon nap as your backyard is good enough too. Since no siesta is complete with some alcohol and a good hammock, we decided to list some of the coolest hammocks out there.

White Double Hammock with Natural Cotton 

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Bambu Hammock for Pets

Hushamok Hammock for Babies

Leaf Hammock by Pinar Yar & Tugrul Govsa

The Pendulum Lounger

The Siesta Bench/Hammock

The Amazonas Globo Single Hammock

The Cocoon Hammock by Henry Hall Designs

The Haute Hammocks by InMod

The Urban Balance Wave Hammock


The Laio Arc Metal Hammock

The Wave Hammock by Royal Botania