12 Beautiful Modern Reinterpretations Of The Iconic Panton Chair

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There are chairs and then there are chairs, and the Panton stacking chair, or “S” chair, has found a permanent place in the archives of design history. The chair was designed by Verner Panton, considered by many as one of Denmark’s most influential 20th-century furniture designers. The S chair is also special since it has the distinction of being the very first single-form injection-moulded plastic chair. So it is but naturalthat something as iconic as the S Chair continues to inspire the realm of design with the level of influence it still commands. Listed below are some of the best reinterpretations of this classic chair.

Yoo Design’s Version of Panton Chair

Yoo Panton chair

The Panton Chair For Children

kids Panton chair

Scott Brownrigg’s Version of Panton Chair

Brownrigg Panton chair

Maris Interiors’s Version of Panton Chair

Maris Panton chair

Limited Edition Gold Panton Mini Chair

gold Panton chair


Jump Studio’s Version of Panton Chair

cobweb Panton chair


Gensler and Harmsen’s Version of Panton Chair

rainbow Panton chair

Eco-Sustainable Chair by Molteni & C o

decoupaged Panton chair

Chris Bosse’s Version of Panton Chair

Bosse Panton chair

Ben Adams Architects’s Version of Panton Chair

die cut Panton chair


United Nude’s Version of Panton ChairUnited Nude Panton chair


Kiss Panton Chair by MCM Architecture

Rolling Stones chair



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