11 Kitchen Lighting Pictures Taken from Remodeled Homes

Kitchen Lighting Designs And Ideas

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I feel that seeing kitchen lighting pictures is the best way to envision how choices look in a room setting. I was shopping Home Depot and some other stores recently and looked at a mass of examples all jumbled together hanging from the ceiling or extending out of a wall.

Frankly, it is a bit overwhelming and can be challenging to decide what may work well with your design idea. Here are eleven remodeled homes where we can look at the entire space and see how it all comes together.

Think about how critical lighting is to get correct. You need enough to see and perform whichever actions take place in that room, but you also need to be able to adjust up or down the total number of lumens depending on the setting.

Wow, there are there a lot of choices as well. There can be vent hoods, sconces chandeliers, built in cans and hanging models. When considering it from that perspective some should perhaps be more decorative and others provide more of the brightness needed for cooking, reading recipes and cleaning.


remodeled kitchen featuring track lighting

It’s interesting that track models were selected in this design. The metal does tie back to the vent hood and some of the trimming in this floor plan. It does give it more of a modern and clean feel too it.  Another advantage is that the bulbs could be moved independently by the home owner.


combined kitchen and dining space in home

three hanging lights above kitchen island

What a great kitchen island in this example!  Notice the blue accents near the bottom of the barstools.  That is very clever an great touch.  The three hanging models are tastefully done with a simple dome and slightly crooked electrical cord.


brown themed kitchen in maple color

kitchen lighting ideas above an island

Here you see many pendants and one large hanging model.  Notice where the barstools are situated has the greatest amount of brightness from the ceiling.  This serves an important purpose as a family member could be reading a newspaper and having coffee in the morning.


well illuminated kitchen featuring white theme

recessed lighting in remodeled home kitchen

large kitchen featuring island with three stools

small remodeled kitchen in wood and stone

green themed kitchen design with wooden cabinets

kitchen with black storage and marble counters

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