11 Modern Center Tables : Super Cool Styles

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When it comes to planning out a living room you want to make sure you cover the necessities for both looks and usefulness. So if you are looking to make a statement with one of the many modern center tables out there to choose from you will have many options to choose from.  This well placed table can be used to hold a cup of coffee, television remotes, place magazines on or even kick up your feet.  The history of the coffee table is interesting and the first design was created in Britain in 1868 by E.W. Godwin, because British citizens needed something to place drinks on which were often cocktails.  Not much has changed since that time in how we use them today.   What is different now, are all they various types, sizes and materials in how they are constructed.    Wood, plastic, steel, glass and stone are among the many choices for consumers and each have their own benefits when it comes to maintenance and cleaning.  There are different shapes that may mesh with your floor plan as well and knowing your seating arrangement is very helpful when choosing a shape or size.  A round may work well in one arrangement whereas a square or rectangular example may work better in a different area especially if you have a sofa sectional that needs to service a larger area .  Another consideration is the height in how low you want it to ground.   Frankly, there is a lot to consider if you are shopping for for the perfect center table.  That is why we have eleven wonderful examples to share with you today in hopes you find the one you have been looking for. .

lacquer finish four legged coffee tablel

low circle coffee table in living room

stacked stone coffee table on carpet

decorative coffee tables in black and white

This nesting pair is a great example of bring two colors together.  The shag carpet adds a great modern touch to the feel of the room. Notice how there is a colored accent on each table to tie the overall scheme together.

rectangular coffee table in modern living room

large metal coffee table in living room

Talk about a very modern living room.  The metal model above is futuristic and a statement piece in the overall room design. It goes nicely with the boxy couch on short legs.  Pewter works very well with the cream of the upholstery.  It’s wonderful how this scene really comes together.

nesting coffee tables on shag rug

two tiered coffee table with chair and cabinet

black loop coffee table made of plastic

round glass coffee table with wooden base

contemporary white coffee table in living room

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