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Usually when it comes to decorating and design geeks are left out in lieu of more traditional (and often boring) accepted designs. There are however lamp designers who have paid homage to that subculture through ingenious projects such as these.

10 Must-See Lights Designed for Geeks & Gamers
UFO home decorating lamp

The Alien Abduction Lamp has to be one of my favorites. Whether “we want to believe” or not this lamp is just plain cool. It was designed by Lasse Klein who has now made the product available for sale at AbuctionLamp.com.

ipod docking station speakers and bed light

From Korean designer Sang Hoon Lee comes this combination lamp and iPod sound dock creating a multifunctional bedside light for audiophiles. In his words he sought to bring sound and light together in one technological leap. I like the contemporary look and feel of this gadget and the way it replaces the everyday boring bedside lamp.

Cereal Bowl Lamp from Ideaka

The start of any geek’s day would not be complete without a nutritional breakfast. What better than a bowl of Fruit Loops with its 13 essential vitamins and minerals? That inspiration created the “Cereal Bowl Lamp” from Ideaka. It turns off and on by touching the spoon.

Pac Man Ghosts Lights

Brazilian born designer, Anderson Horta, created these lighting objects for those of us with a fondness for retro gaming. The “Pac Man Ghosts” are Pinky, Inky, Blinky and Clyde where here they live on in as decorative lamps from the designer’s interpretation.


Space Invaders Lighting
Space Inturderz

If Pac Man was not your game then perhaps Space Invaders was. This lighting ensemble is called “Space Intruderz” from Unison Studios. The aliens are now decorative lights designed to be accents pieces for a game room.

Halo 3 Lamp

Mark Pascua found this cool lamp inspired by Halo 3 for auction on Ebay and managed to capture these images. In the scene Jackal Sniper is perched in a tree fighting two Master Chiefs looking to take him out. Whether it is a custom lamp or promotional object, someone spent a lot of time designing this very offbeat fixture.

Nymph Bug Light and Lamp
Centipede Arcade Game Inspired Home Decor
bug lighting

The “Nymph Light” brings a centipede like bug to life as it appears to be walking through a landscape. Nymph light was created by Site Specific Design as part of its 2007 collection. It is constructed of a two part fiberglass mold with white lacquer finish. The light covers are made of Corian. It might look small, but its dimensions are a whopping: H 19″ x W 15″ x L 31″. Imagine bringing a girl home and having her see this by your bedside – hard to say whether it would be well-received

Walking Lamps Daniel Love
Adjustable Lamps

These mannequin-inspired lamps allow the user to move the lamp to different positions and take part in the design itself. Singapore designer, Daniel Loves, wanted to show the involvement of a traditionally accepted lamp in this project. The mannequins represent time and technology marching forward leaving outdated design concepts behind.

Titanic Lamp by Fluke

The “Titanic” lamp by Fluke tells the story of the great ocean vessel that met an untimely demise. Its awkward position of lying on its side is inspired by the tragedy. I really like items that make you think and depart from what is considered “normal”. For those fascinated with superheroes that can phase through walls, why not thrown down a “broken lamp” into the home decor scheme?

Meteor Lights Home Decor
Meteor Lamps

These strange concept lamps are called “Meteor Lights” created by designer Arik Levy and possibly inspired by treasures found in WOW or other in-world RPG games. The space inspired theme considers what meteorite remains might look like with their unique shapes and projected “special powers”. They may not have special powers at all, but they do give off some light in this product.

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