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I was recently looking for wall mounted TV ideas with the purpose of changing up a living room. It surprised me how many clever designs there were. Now with the way televisions are constructed, they can be just hung on the wall and look pretty good. These ten pictures show other possibilities from concealment to combining storage and viewing ability. Many people face different space situations from very small to large and open areas. In this collection there are examples that can work in any range of space from a home to a small apartment.

Contemporary Bedroom Design With TV Wall

This model is very cool in that there is an open space between the screen and the framing.  The wood grain comes through as a result tying out the look of the room.

Television With Gold Art Frame Hanging on Wall

I bet TVs that look like framed art will grow in popularity.  I have seen one in person and was very impressed in how it looked on the wall and how clever the appearance was.  Notice too how this space features antique furniture which really clashed with the idea of electronics.   The design works and is aided by the gilded gold frame.

TV on Black Wall Above a Fireplace

Having one above a fireplace is a neat and suggestion.  You can see in the above picture that the flame is small and the size of the fireplace is equal in length.  It creates a sense of geometry and balance.

Interesting Accent Wall in Black and White

Who would have thought of a circular highlight?  Black and white are classic colors and here there is a warm contrast supported by the light colored furniture anchoring this living room design.

Great Living Room Layout with Interesting Ceiling

Small TV in Wooden Frame Above Table

Here is yet another picture frame, but one smaller than the last.  This is not a big product so it would fit well into a smaller living space.

Clean Modern Well Lit Bedroom Design

Wall Unit that Holds a Concealed Television

This was one of my favorites in that the whole set can be concealed.  It’s a mirror as well as you can see the reflection in the glass showing a table and chair.  One cannot have enough storage so this setup is a total bonus.

Wall Mounted Electronics in Wood Cabinet

Gray Accent Wall in Light Colored Living Room