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Spring has sprung, and we can’t get out into the sun fast enough.  Soon, we’ll get to enjoy evening cocktails by the pool and Sunday afternoon barbecues in the backyard, and we may as well have the proper furnishings upon which to do it; today’s roundup of outdoor furniture ranges from classic wicker loungers (with a modern twist, of course; we wouldn’t waste your time with anything outmoded and tragic) to neon-bright polyurethane pods straight out of the future itself.  In whatever fashion you choose to do your basking in the sun, this series most likely has something to catch your eye.

10 Visually Arresting Pieces of Outdoor Furniture



yin yang patio chairs



wicker patio pods



modern patio swing



colored folding chairs for patio



cushy patio furniture



brightly colored patio chairs



luxurious patio chaise lounge



ultramodern patio lounger



queen of hearts chairs


Yin Yang Furniture and City Camp Collection found at Dedon.


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