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Looking at table lamp designs in the hope of finding the perfect accent is a great way to accessorize room.  It is paramount that lighting be adequate, but also subtle in a way to create the right mood in a home.  One advantage for shoppers is the large number of products on the market.  Their diversity is so far ranging as is sizing and decorative themes.    These ten examples showcase a wide birth from small to larger, from modern to traditional and even some that are their own design theme.   Given their portability, it’s easy to move them around creating more flexibility as the house continues to change and new furniture introduced.

Small Glass Lamp Shade With Chrome Base

Here is an interesting model that would work well in a transitional decorated room.  It is small enough to be just an accent and not the main source of lighting.  The shade is particularly interesting in how one can see through it to the bulb.

Retro Design Lighting Featuring Ice Cubes

Small glass cubes have commonly been made into walls in nightclubs in the 1970s and 1980s.  I recall one such wall in a club that I frequented.  That element gives this more of retro feel, but one that is done tastefully.

Illumination Accessory for a Wooden TableThe thin design of the shade make this model intriguing.  It does lock the ability to be adjusted, but that is part of what the designer intended.  I could see this in many places in a home aside from the living room.  The thought that comes to mind is this being on a hall table in an entry way.

Round Ball of Light with Metal Base

Home Lighting Inspired by Ocean Coral

The above product gets its inspiration from either snow or coral. It’s an intricate ensemble of small sticks that create the overall appeal of the piece.

Three Lamps with Paper Shades

Very Cool Reading Lamp for a Desk

What a great model for a desk!  I really like how paper, crafts or other things can be placed under it to maximize the amount of light.  There are times when we need to see very well and this model would certainly help foster that.

Three Free Standing Home Lighting Designs

Tall Cylinder Plant Like Home Accent

Artistic Model Showing Question Mark and Brain